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Olohuone 306,4 km² is an open urban art festival in Turku, Finland June 8th to 10th, 2017.

Experience surprising and delightful art installations, performances and happenings on the streets of Turku. The events are free of charge, welcome!

The theme for this year’s festival is circle. This year’s artworks are released in May.

Countless circles are hidden inside the city. Friend groups, work communities, bus routes, traffic circles and linked experiences are creating circles all around the city. Circles can be made on purpose or they can be naturally developed over time. Circles are organic or man made, visible or invisible, experienced or inexperienced.

This summer 2017 urban art festival Olohuone 306,4 km2 draws its own circle when various environmental and community art pieces will surround the inner city. The theme circle reflects the core idea of “Olohuone” (Livingroom) as it increases site-specific art and comments the center and surroundings of Turku – the circle either locks in or leaves outside.

Briefly about the organizer

Olohuone has approached urban art from different perspectives throughout the years. The festival’s theme changes annually and in earlier years has speculated the line between what’s permitted and what’s forbidden, considered art through touch and pondered what’s cliché – or even: what is art? Our aim is to organize a festival that is accessible, sincere and ecologically friendly linking to its surroundings.

In 2015 Olohuone was celebrating its 10th anniversary and the festival’s theme is Taidetta(ko)?! // Is this (supposed to be) Art?! The idea is to return to our roots as an art association– Olohuone was founded by seven Turku-based artists in 2005. Their goal was to create a forum for urban art forms, based on grassroots action and situated outside institutions. This year one of our goals is to encourage conversation about the meaning and needs of urban art in Turku today.

The festival consisted of 13 works chosen by our jury via open call in the autumn of 2014. There were also 3 invited works by artists with connections to Olohuone. We also organized a one day seminar about art and its values on Monday, June 8th at the Turku Art Museum.

Information about past festivals and events can be found in our archive (only in Finnish).

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