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Olohuone 306,4 km² -festival 6.-8.6.2019


The 14th Olohuone 306.4 km² Urban Art Festival takes place this year on 6.-8.6. Open to all and integrating the various fields of art, our festival offers an opportunity to experience art in unexpected places and situations.
The theme of the 2019 festival is in-between-space solution. City is full of in-between-spaces, empty, forgotten and dead spaces. In-between-spaces can be found anywhere: in every-day life, home, relationships, cities, countryside and architecture. Life has states of change, different in-between-spaces and a solution for them is often essential. When it comes to solutions for in-between-spaces, can art be it? If it can, what is the problem?


Briefly about the organizer 

Since 2005, Olohuone’s annual festival has approached urban art from different perspectives. The festival’s theme changes annually and in earlier years has speculated the line between what’s permitted and what’s forbidden, considered art through touch and pondered what’s cliché – or even: what is art? Our aim is to organize a festival that is accessible, sincere and ecologically friendly linking to its surroundings.


Information about past festivals and events can be found in our archive (only in Finnish).

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