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Artists and Artworks 2016:

Turun Sanataideyhdistys: Poems of Change

Literary Art

Ear poem is a mode of poetry developed by Turun Sanataideyhdistys. An ear poem is based on interaction: the receiver of the poem speaks and the literary artist collects and combines the words they hear into the form of a poem. Thus, the poem is made from the receiver’s own speech, although it has two authors, the speaker and the writer.

In Olohuone 306,4 km2 -festival, the theme of the poems is change. Each participant gets to choose a change, big or small, concrete or abstract, that they wish to share. This way the work generates poems of change, from the lives of the people of the city. The work wakes us up to see the daily changes in our lives, hidden inside the mundane, and helps to find words to describe these changes.

Turun Sanataideyhdistys is an active agent in the field of literary art in Turku. Its educated instructors also work in Turku’s surrounding municipalities, and they are experienced in working with dementia-patients, youth with special needs and small children. In the year 2007 the association founded its own literary art school Kratti, which arranges basic teaching in the field of literary art.

10.6. 17:00

11.6. 12:00

By the river

Parasta ennen -group: All Princess Panel

Interactive performance

All Princess Panel is a work in which female characters we are all familiar with from movies take part in a panel discussion. With the title ”Being a Princess in Finland Today” the panel takes on topic issues. The work takes the princesses from being vulnerable and fragile figures into becoming active and thinking agents. The audience gets to participate in the discussion in situ and also on social media. The panel lasts for approximately one hour.

Parasta ennen -group consists of five drama instructors, who made their acquaintance as they started their studies in performing arts in Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in 2010. The members of the group are Johanna Ahonen, Liila Jokelin, Anna Lehtonen, Anni Rainio and Mammu Rauhala. Parasta ennen -group uses performance, performing art and urban art as their modes of working. The actions of the group could be described with the words interactive, carnivalistic and playful. Last year the group took part in Olohuone-festival with their work Yllätysveto.


Panimoravintola Koulu, Eerikinkatu 18

17:00 – 18:00

Harri Kemppainen: My Toes Get Wet

A mobile media artwork

The globe gets warmer, glaciers melt, and the sea level is rising. But what happens in Turku? Will my toes get wet? Do I really have to be worried about global warming?

Nobody knows how much and how fast the surface of the ocean is rising. There are many guesses, but what could this mean in our daily lives? As science fails to have an answer, art must try to solve the issue. The artwork is a mobile application for Android, and it demonstrates how the surface of the ocean could be rising in the Turku area. The application shows, would your feet get wet if the surface of the ocean would rise one, five or ten meters. The application also shows, when the surface of the earth was revealed from under ice due to post-glacial rebound, and when it could be covered by water again. Post-glacial rebound compensates the effects of the rising of the ocean’s surface. Although the work is based on scientific data, it simplifies things and takes artistic liberties.

Harri Kemppainen is a photographer, ICT-professional and media artist who uses modern technology in his works revolving around the urban environment. His works are not limited within the boundaries of different art forms, but rather search for new ways for art to be made. Harri lives and works in Turku.

Download the app here!

Satu Rinnetmäki & Anni Puuperä: POST POST NATURE

Interactive performance

POST POST NATURE is a performative research into existing in an artificial environment and a dystopian sketch of nature in the future. In the performance we provide the audience with a possible view of what nature could be in the future, we build a “nature-installation” out of trash, and reside within that “nature”. The audience and passers-by are free to take part in the building and residing. The central idea of our work is to wake people up and to make visible the amount of trash that a supposedly normal lifestyle produces, and what kinds of effects this has on the environment. We also delve into the the various states and modes of performing and wonder how these modes change within the performance. The performance lasts for 4 hours and the audience can freely move in the space and take part in it for as long as they wish.

All the material that are used in the performance are recycled.

Anni Puuperä and Satu Rinnetmäki are dancers and artists based in Helsinki. POST POST NATURE is their second mutual work. Their first work together Trash land premiered in the Young Choreographer’s Festival in Moscow in 2015. Materialism in contemporary society and its effects on the environment and individuals is the central theme of both of these works.

Satu Rinnetmäki received her Master of Arts in Dance from the Theatre Academy in the University of the Arts Helsinki in May 2015. She has worked within the field of dance as a performer, teacher and choreographer. At the moment Satu is especially interested in challenging herself to be mindfully present in the moment and in researching the possibilities of embodiment by means of improvisation.

Anni Puuperä has received her professional education as a dancer from Kuopio Music and Dance Academy. She has worked extensively within the field of dance and performative art as a choreographer, performer and teacher. At the moment Anni is interested in working with choreography generated in the moment and making performances for non-human objects.


Hansatori, Yliopistonkatu 20

13:00 – 17:00

Jukka Herva: Erikoinen juttu

Audio Play (In Finnish)

Erikoinen juttu is a series of short storytelling audio plays, which passers-by can listen to for a while before moving on their way again.

”It was a really hot day and I hadn’t had much to eat. I came to this gateway to rest for a while, trying not to pass out. It felt like my eyes were getting cloudy, as if there was a migraine on its way. I looked around. It was a pretty day, there were people passing by, walking their dogs, riding their bikes and stuff. Just normal people. All of a sudden things got a bit peculiar. First the people were gone. Dogs walked on their own and bikes would just roll down the hill. I freaked out of course, but then I thought this must just be some kind of a case of dehydration.”

Jukka Herva works with music, audio art and -design. He combines audio play and musical elements with storytelling narratives.

9.6. – 11.6.

Gateway to Brinkkala inner court

Kiesmatic-group: World Wide Wind Shelter

Performance and media artwork

In their performance artist group Kiesmatic spends the entire festival inside a tent. During the three days of the festival they are in contact with the outer world only through their blog.

With this work Kiesmatic researches togetherness and the idea of a collective body. Being confined to a closed space is challenging both physically and mentally. Is it possible anymore to live without a personal and private space in our western subject-centred culture? How does isolation affect encountering each other and the social norms and roles within a community?

The blog makes public the changes happening within the micro-reality inside the tent. The work also comments on the change that social media has brought along: that it is possible to simultaneously be isolated but still communicate in a very public manner. What is the relationship between the public and the private in an identity created for the world wide web and in the writing of history?

Soon to celebrate its one-year birthday, Kiesmatic-group has just learned to walk and is now dropping down the lowest articles from the shelves of the art market. In a listening comprehension test it is constantly rambling along and pronouncing wrong. Kiesmatic fails in the class photo. It is a triangular circle whose 180 degrees are constituted by Hilda Kahra, Vilma Koskela and Kristiina Mäenpää. During Olohuone 306,4 km2 –festival Kiesmatic moves from home to the centre of the city and empties its rucksacks into the world of the internet.

9.6. – 11.6.

Brinkkala inner court

71551-sissit: Pum Ah!

Street theatre / Performance

PUM! Explosive physicality against war!

In this dynamic performance the artists say a farewell to arms using burlesque and drag-art as their mode of expression. The work comments on the tightened atmosphere, hate and confrontation in contemporary society and brings a dose of queer carnivalism into the summer of Turku. The aim of the work is to encourage everyone to respect themselves and others around them.

71551-sissit is the newest collaboration of Annikki Levomaa, Liisi Lukkarinen and Joel Törrönen. They have previously worked within the fields of puppet theatre, theatre, design and costume art. In their performance the artists combine their expertise and test their own boundaries as artists.

Music by Aku Mylly.

10.6. 15:00 – 17:00 By the river

11.6. Takapihaklubi, Kirjakahvila, Vanha suurtori 3

Sally Davison & Gunilla Sjövall: Roll Through the City

A city-tour on wheelchairs

Welcome on a rolling tour through the city!

Roll through the city is a guided tour through the city from the perspective of being in a wheelchair. The tour opens different views into the city environment bringing into focus issues of inaccessibility/accessibility, difference/similarity, politics and new physical orientations to city space. Taking a tour in a wheelchair creates a different sense of movement, timing, perception and relationship to the environment. Perhaps we notice things differently and maybe we are perceived differently. How does the experience of moving in a wheelchair affect the senses and the kinesthetic experience?

We take the roll through the city together as a group, everybody in wheelchairs. Participants will get an introduction on the basics of to how to use a manual wheelchair at the beginning of the tour. No prior experience of using a wheelchair is necessary, but it should be noted that using a manually operated wheelchair requires some physical strength. The walk will be lead by Sally Davison and Gunilla Sjövall both who have experience with wheelchairs (from a temporary user and a permanent user perspective).

The tour lasts for approximately 2 hours, including the introduction and final discussion. The wheelchairs will be provided. Participating with your own wheelchair is also possible, the overall maximum amount of participants is 20 people.

Some practical tips:

  • Wear comfortable clothes, especially your shirt/jacket should be stretchable so you can use your upper body freely. Long sleeves and hems can get tangled with the wheels.
  • Bring with you (leather) gloves, so you can get a good grip of the wheelchair.
  • Bags and other personal items can be stored in Olohuone’s facilities during the tour. Holding a bag in your lap on the tour is not possible. It is possible to hang a bag/backpack on the handles on the back of the wheelchair but that affects the chair’s weight and movements. Water bottles and other essential items can be carried by the tour guides and Olohuone’s volunteers.

Gunilla Sjövall has for a long time worked as a human rights activist for disabled people. She has been on the forefront when it has come to disabled people’s right to equality. Her working career she did as an educational secretary at disabled people’s citizenship and human rights movement Kynnys ry. She was also one of the founding members of Kynnys ry as a student at the University of Helsinki in the early 1970’s. In the beginning of the 2000’s she became interested in dancing, trained herself as a DanceAbility-teacher and founded DanceAbility Finland together with Sally Davison and others. The aim of DanceAbility Finland is to forward and facilitate integrated dance in Finland. Gunilla is a member of Finland’s leading integrated dance company Kaaos. She sees dancing as a way for social activism, a way to achieve equality among people.

Sally Davison has a passion for movement that includes all movement and all bodies. She is interested in how the physicality of experience can give rise to new perspectives individually and collectively through creating connection. Davison is a Master Trainer in the DanceAbility method and environmental movement practitioner which are practices fundamentally connected to her interaction with the world and present moment response to life.

Gunilla Sjövall and Sally Davison would like to thank Carita Viljanen and Satu Järviö for their help with this project and sharing their knowledge about the streets of Turku.

9.6. 15:00 – 18:00

If you wish to participate in the tour, send an email to:

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