The festival

Olohuone 306.4 km² is a city art event held annually in early June in Turku, Finland. Open to all and integrating the various fields of art, our festival offers an opportunity to experience art in unexpected places and situations. Olohuone encourages all people to participate in the arts, and to see their familiar urban environment through the fresh lens of new aesthetic experiences.

In 2018, the Olohuone 306.4km² Urban Art Festival theme is Missing Language.

Through environmental and community art, installations, performances, dance, workshops, digital art, sound art, videos, stories, and more, Olohuone artists comment on the nature of language, communication challenges ranging from intimate relationships to international political spheres, and ideas and feelings that language cannot describe.

Even if we have the same language, can we even fully understand each other? In 2018, Finland is a country where people can live in the same city but simultaneously in very different political, social and cultural realities. What kind of language do we need now? Our theme returns to the essential role of art in human experience, and its unique ability to communicate what spoken or written language cannot express.

In summer 2018 Olohuone 306.4 km² goes back to the roots of art’s purpose in society — as a tool to communicate ideas and emotions words alone can’t convey. The festival footprint mirrors this return to roots, and centers on the heart and history of Turku, with each of the projects and events happening in sites around the city center.

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