The festival


Change is inevitable. We change, as does our environment. This summer Olohuone 306,4km² urban art festival challenges all citizens to change their position and point of view. Keep your senses open while moving from one location to another. You might experience something surprising. It’s time for a change!

In the heart of Turku you can find the festival info located by the river, in the crossroads of Läntinen Rantakatu and Kristiinankatu. Look for a mini living room and an oasis in a busy city street!

Clubs and brunch

During the festival Olohuone organizes two clubs to celebrate street art and this year’s theme: change and transformation. The first one, Eteisklubi is held in Kuka bar Thursday 9th of June starting from 7 pm. The program consists of performance, music and discussion on this year’s theme. Check out the Facebook-event here!

In the final club, Takapihaklubi one can enjoy music and live performance in the backyard of Brinkkala. The club is held in Turku Book Café starting from 8 pm. Facebook -event here. No entry fee for the events!

Kirjakahvila brunch goes Olohuone! Finally all good things must come to an end. Come say goodbye to Olohuone 2016 festival and enjoy yummy vegan brunch while listening to a DJ playing some  mellow tunes  in the Book Café. Starting from 11 am, prices 8 to 12 euros.


See all this year’s festivals artists and their works here 

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