The festival

Olohuone 306,4 km² -festival 6.-8.6.2019


The 14th Olohuone 306.4 km² Urban Art Festival takes place this year on 6.-8.6. Open to all and integrating the various fields of art, our festival offers an opportunity to experience art in unexpected places and situations.
The theme of the 2019 festival is in-between-space solution. City is full of in-between-spaces, empty, forgotten and dead spaces. In-between-spaces can be found anywhere: in every-day life, home, relationships, cities, countryside and architecture. Life has states of change, different in-between-spaces and a solution for them is often essential. When it comes to solutions for in-between-spaces, can art be it? If it can, what is the problem?
Festival info

Info station in the corner of Kristiinankatu & Läntinen Rantakatu
6.6.-8.6. 11am – 6pm


Opening club 6.6. @ Bar Kuka


Olohuone 306,4 km² opening club takes place at Bar Kuka with great performances!

Jani Petteri Virta will open the night with the performance JÄLKI: sadboy_19. Bands Ydinontelo and Samanna offer magnificent music. DJ Kulmisjärvi will keep you dancing until the last call.

20:00 Jani Petteri Virta: JÄLKI: sadboy_19

21:00 Ydinontelo

22:00 Samanna

DJ Kulmisjärvi



Event is free of charge!


Closing club 8.6. @ Bar Ö



We close the festival with Anastasia Lobkovski’s shortfilm Hehku and with Kaihokurkku & Nenäliinat band’s great music. DJ Ruggero Gini will also entertain us until the late hours.

20:00 Anastasia Lobkovski: Hehku
21:00 Kaihokurkku & Nenäliinat
DJ Ruggero Gini


Event is free of charge!

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