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Dirk Huelstrunk // Words we don’t need here! // Poetic-bureaucratic installation The Office of Dispensable Words is a mobile, temporary kiosk manned with a poet. During office hours, you can hand in unwanted, unnecessary words. In return you will get a receipt and a surprise word. The words will be registered and recycled in script and sound. The results will be displayed and performed. Would our language or even our life become easier, more focused and effective if we could get rid of this word-trash? Search engine algorithms already filter out “unnecessary” words and work much smoother this way. But why should machines secretly decide which words are necessary or unnecessary? Words we don’t need here! is an interactive art project about exchanging, sharing, optimizing and efficiency. What is necessary or unnecessary? How effective can art be? Is art most efficient without a purpose, creating free and playful nonsense? Dirk Huelstrunk is a sound poet, spoken word poet, writer, creative writing teacher and curator of art/poetry events from Frankfurt/Main, Germany. Influences range from Dada, Surrealists, Fluxus, Beat Poets to Pop and modern electronic sound-poetry.

Dirk Huelstrunk // Words we don’t need here! // Poetic-bureaucratic installation

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